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As a human being, you can process visual elements 60,000 times faster than text. Not surprising then that social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are experiencing such tremendous growth. You also see that our society is increasingly focused on visual communication, because our visual intelligence – that part of our intelligence that allows us to interpret visual elements – is getting better and better.

Visual communication involves conveying a message using images and symbols. Think of images, animations, but also video material. It is a very effective way to map and explain often difficult information.

Does this mean that text will no longer be used at all for communication and knowledge transfer? No, fortunately not. To communicate effectively in images, you must also use text. Then you anchor the message even more strongly.

For us, this means that we have taken a new step. Now you can get to know our Art Collection.

GVMedia comes up with visual elements to inspire you, to help you take that first step towards further growth, change and development. Of yourself and perhaps of people with whom you are connected.

The high-quality canvas prints that you find in our Art Shop open your heart, offer a moment of insight and give you energy to continue again and again. That’s what they are meant for: to enlarge your image of the world and of yourself, to appeal to your subconscious in order to put wishes and desires into words. And to challenge you to move on with growth and change.

You can use these canvas prints in the work environment when you want to encourage other people during transformation processes. The canvas prints help to let go of beliefs, see new possibilities and embrace sustainable developments.

Use our visual elements to enhance your effectiveness as a coach, but don’t forget to enjoy the visuals.
After all, that’s what art is for – eternally.